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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In His Arms - Forcing The Matter

Here we are at day two of our special pre-release week to celebrate Tina Donahue's coming book In His Arms from Ellora's Cave.

Yesterday, we talked a lot about the amazing cover for In His Arms, and if you missed that, you can go back to my Yahoo Group and Blog to catch up.

Today, I'd like to move on to the actual meat of the story and talk a bit about what wonders await you between the covers.

No pun intended. Maybe.

I have never been much of one for the "forced sex" found in many erotica romance stories. To me, it's just one step too close to rape. But, that's just my opinion and me. Since it is my opinion, I don't write stories with that sort of thing.

However, I do write some scenes that come close, and in the excerpt for In His Arms, you'll find that Tina has done the same thing. One passage reads...

He paid no heed to her willfulness. Hand on her belly, he directed her body to return to the mattress. Once she complied, he held her there, his fingers still inside, pressing into her much softer flesh, his tongue continuing to ignore her nub.

A protest gurgled in the back of her throat.

Immune, RJ lapped her juices, as though testing her reaction to him as a man and as a lover, one she’d chosen. Never had she known anyone like him and she responded without artifice, mewing for more, for every—

Her thoughts halted at his teeth bearing down carefully around her nub, his tongue negotiating its contours. Something indescribable and thrilling coiled between her legs, tensing her muscles, snatching her breath. Crudely and loudly, she cried out at the orgasm sluicing through her, the contractions of her inner muscles sucking RJ’s fingers deeper.

There they remained as Summer fought for air. She’d barely managed a full breath when his thumb replaced his tongue on her clit.

No. Even the slightest stroke became more than she could endure, the pleasure too deep, unbearable. The points of her high heels gouged the comforter. She heard the fabric rip. Her hips thrashed trying to escape him.

He wouldn’t allow it, keeping his fingers deeply inside, his thumb poised on her nub. She whimpered.

Some might call this forced sex, but it's not. Not even close.

RJ is reading Summer like a book, and his goal is to please her despite herself. By the same token, Summer is so into RJ that she is losing sight of the fact that she, after all is said and done, his property and slave.

The difference is important, too.

In their mutual attraction, both of the lovers have abandoned the real world and moved into the fantasyland of pure attraction, if not actual love.

Tell us, Tina, was this transformation one that you set out to create for Summer and RJ, or did it just happen? And along that same line, when you first conceived In His Arms, was that the plan, or did your characters take the story in a direction all on their own?

Keep Loving!

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  1. Hey, Melodee - you nailed the distinction beautifully. Couldn't have said it better myself. Despite Summer's 'owner' giving her to RJ, she wants him, she craves him. He doesn't take what she's not willing to give. But he is an Alpha male, making certain his lady is well taken care of in bed. :)

    I might add, the love story between Summer and RJ is one of the best I've ever written. IMHO, it's more moving and emotionally satisfying than anything I've ever done.

    The sex is their expression of that passion and love.

  2. As it should be. Sex without passion and love is, well, just sex. Sure, it feels good and there is satisfaction, but those feeling only last a short time.

    When caring and love are poured into the mixture, the feelings last for much longer. Maybe not forever, though...

    Sometimes, happily ever after just isn't as long as we think it might be.

  3. That's why we have romance novels. At least the characters are living the lives we want. :)

  4. That's what I love about erotic romance, it's that there is loving passion and not just sex.

    Love the excerpt. Definitely, Summer was "mewling for more" and not adverse to RJ's ministrations. I'm looking forward to reading their story.

  5. It's a great tale, Armenia, no doubt about that.

    I think that the idea of living in a dream world vicariously through the characters and story and author's imagination are the foundations of all good books. And I'm not just talking about fiction...

    After all, a great biography would let the reader become the subject person, to see the world as they saw it, and to reach the same conclusions.

  6. Hey, Armenia - it's not only a hot story, it's very moving. The best of both worlds, IMHO.

    Melodee - thanks for your kind comments. I truly appreciate them. :)

  7. I love a hot story, You have to have a great polt but without the great sex they are not keepers to me. I so look forward to your next book and I to agree there's nothing even close to rape going on in that scene. I loved it!


  8. So glad you did, Christine! From the beginning Summer wants RJ. . .and man oh man, does he want her. :)

  9. It does sound like a very hot book and I agree there's nothing forced there. I look forward to it's release.

  10. Great excerpt! Can not wait to check this one out.


  11. Hey, Andrea - thanks for coming by! You're right, nothing forced - just a growing connection, emotional and physical, between Summer and RJ!

    Good to have you here, Gabrielle! In His Arms will be available September 3 - I cannot wait. :)