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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

In His Arms - Look At That Cadillac

Now it's day three of our special pre-release week to celebrate Tina Donahue's coming book In His Arms from Ellora's Cave.

Over the last couple of days, we've talked about the fascinating cover and the relationship between the main characters of In His Arms, and if you missed those, you can go back to my Yahoo Group and Blog to catch up.

Today, I thought we might all tease each other a little...

Tina, in the excerpt from In His Arms, you give a bit of description of RJ...

He did not, instead retreating several steps to one of the gold satin sitting chairs, a dainty design made more ineffective by his masculine bulk. Slowly, as though he enjoyed having her anticipate their coming pleasure, he removed his leather boots. His black socks followed, revealing his large feet and long toes.

Before the night ended, she’d lick and suckle them before moving to his cock.

Standing, he unbuckled his belt, lowered his fly and pushed his pants to his knees, letting them drop with a faint whoosh to his ankles.

The sound matched her quick exhale of air.

Navy boxer briefs hugged his narrow hips and powerful thighs. Behind the stretchy placket, she saw the promise of his meaty cock and balls. She spread her legs even more, summoning him to fill her, wordlessly begging him to do so.

With a smile curling his beautiful mouth, RJ pushed down his briefs and stepped out of them.

The room seesawed, along with Summer’s thoughts. Naked, RJ faced her, confident in his masculinity and ability to bring her pleasure.

A thin sheen of perspiration coated her throat, intensifying her perfume, enhancing her female scent. Never had she been as ready for another man, not in all the years since Anthony had owned her, changing her life forever. Her pulse points throbbed, marking each beat of her sprinting heart. She feasted on RJ’s tall, perfectly formed body, the thatch of thick, dark hair covering his groin, his rigid penis, ruddy with arousal, his balls plump and tight against his groin.

This is, of course, beyond the wonderful tattoos he has!

First of all, is RJ based on someone real? If so, what can you tell us about him? Like maybe his address??

Second, what else can you tell us about how RJ looks? What other delightful things are there about his appearance?

Keep Loving!

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  1. Morning, Melodee :)

    For RJ, I actually used a picture of a guy I got off the internet. Super cool dude - handsome and dangerous looking with shoulder length dark hair, shirtless, wearing battered jeans. Stole my freaking breath.

    Earlier in the book, before the scene you have above, it's stated that RJ has blue-gray eyes, an amazing color, and very arresting behind all his long, dark lashes. Just luscious.

    He's also tall - 6'3" - lean - nothing but muscles and sinew.

    Where can I find a guy like that?

  2. I think most of us would like to find a guy like that.

  3. No kidding. :)

    Most of them seem to exist only in model catalogues. . .oh, to find one in real life. *sigh*

  4. I'm with Andrea, its hard to find someone that tall with muscles and sinew. Usually they're models or pitching for the other team.

    armiefox at yahoo dot com

  5. LOL - you're right about the pitching part. I live in Palm Springs and there are lots of gorgeous guys here, all out of reach. *sigh*

  6. We were just up in Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago. We'd never done the PS Tramway thing, so we decided to take a ride and see the sights.

    LOVED it!

    We want to go back in the winter and see it then.

    Maybe you know, they do Christmas lights and such up there?