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Friday, August 27, 2010

In His Arms - Who's That Girl?

Wow! It's already day five of our special pre-release week to celebrate Tina Donahue's coming book In His Arms from Ellora's Cave.

Over the last few days, we've talked about the fascinating cover, the relationship between the main characters of In His Arms, what RJ looks like and what inspired him, and most recently about how straight men are starting to read erotica romance and what that means for us. If you missed any of those, you can go back to my Yahoo Group and Blog to catch up.

Today, I want to take a jump to the opposed to a step to the right. Yeah, bonus points for knowing that reference without looking it up!

We talked the other day about what RJ looks like, and he's nothing short of delicious, but I can't help wondering what Summer looks like.

I make little secret about the fact that I have lived most of my life bisexual. I always did lean to men, but I have had female partners as well.

The top local radio morning show is The DSC Show (Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw) on Jack 100.7 FM (6-10 M-F), and they have a running bit that all women want to make love to another woman, even if just once. Their callers seem to support that idea.

I get a good deal of mail from readers asking about my heroines, and I think I know why they are interested. It ain't to get fashion tips, either.

But, without going off on a big tangent on that concept, I would like to know what Summer looks like from two different points of view...

First, Tina, how would you, as the "impartial" author, describe Summer?

Second, I would love to know what RJ sees when he looks at Summer. If I were to ask RJ to describe Summer to me, what would be his response?

Special Note: Friday's are a wild day for me...I have a ton of teleconferences (not an easy task for a deaf girl!) and other contacts to make with staff, publishers, editors, producers, and other assorted wheels both big and small. I reserve Fridays for just that purpose, so I will be VERY scarce today. I WILL be here not later than 6pm Pacific to chat live in my Yahoo Group with everyone who cares to show up to visit with Tina.

Keep Loving!

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  1. Morning, Melodee - the way I envisioned Summer was as a high-priced call girl. Slender, pretty, with light hazel eyes and black hair cut in a Dutch-boy style (short on the sides with full bangs). Very pretty and erotic looking.

    However, RJ sees beyond Summer's physical attributes. It's the goodness of her heart, her strength of character and her integrity that captures and holds him completely. If he had to say what she looked like, I'm certain he say, "Simply beautiful." :)

  2. Good Morning, Tina and Melodee. Tina, Summer sounds absolutely stunning.

    I can't help notice sometimes authors will describe facial features of their heroes and heroines without really pegging their nationality. Like describing eyes with a tilt at the corner, and straight black hair without clearly saying she/he is of Asian descent.

    Do you think authors try not to peg their characters nationality so that readers can use their imagination as to what they envision the character? That would be interesting to find out.

    I enjoyed my week here at Melodee's blog and she has asked some pretty good questions. Its been fun getting to know your characters and all the interesting stuff behind your new book. Thanks, Tina, and congratulations on your new release. I hope you both a great weekend.

  3. Hey, Armenia. I know what you mean about the nationality thing. In my upcoming release from Samhain (Feb 2011), I do say that my hero is part Native American.

    In "In His Arms" Summer is caucasian and so is RJ.

    Hope you have a great weekend too!

  4. It's been a great week. Thanks for shareing with us readers and a big congrats on the release of the book.


  5. It's been great being here and having you drop by, Gabrielle - thanks! :)