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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

Usually, I think I have men pretty well figured out.

After all, every woman knows that guys just aren't that complicated, and they sure aren't terribly bright as a group.

OK, settle down, guys. We love you anyway.

But every once in a while, something will happen that shows me that I really don't have all the details quite right yet. Like a few nights ago...

I'm in Europe doing a little appearance tour right now, and on the night in question we had a formal dinner party to attend. I say "we" because my husband Jack and our three kids (Amanda who is ten, Debbie who is eight, and JJ (Jack, Jr.) who is two-and-a-half) are along as well. JJ is too small for this sort of thing, but we decided to take the girls along.

All of us girls needed gowns, so we did the shopping thing. In Italy. In Rome to be specific. Yeah, buying gowns and all the accessories in Rome got a little pricey. OK, it got a LOT pricey. I mean, we can't do off-the-rack now, can we?

Anyway, we all got killer gowns, shoes, etc. (yes, I know I'm boring the men reading this to tears, and maybe scaring a few into panic running). On the night of the party, the girls and I all changed in the their room so I could help them get dressed. Jack changed in our room. After all, Amanda in particular is old enough that she doesn't want her dad to see her getting dressed.

After we dressed, we all touched up our hair, and I helped the girls with a little light makeup and some jewelry to accent things a little. Jack was done long before we were ready (typical), and he waited for me to come out and tie his tie (also typical).

I came out first and went to work on his tie, so my back was to the door where the girls were entering the lounge. I was looking right at Jack when he suddenly got this really strange look on his face.

He had been looking at me (smart boy), but his eyes flicked up toward the door for a moment, and then back to my face. Then his eyes fired right back to the door and his eyebrows went up for a moment. Then it got really weird...his whole face sort of softened, like he was made of wax and the furnace was set just a little too high. All of the sharp angles and straight lines of Jack's face eased into gentle curves, and the smallest of smiles seemed to struggle to get to his lips, but he fought it.

I turned to see what he was looking at, and I saw Amanda standing in the doorway, making some minor adjustment to the sash on her gown.

She looked absolutely radiant.

Jack completely forgot that I was halfway through fixing his tie, and walked over to his eldest daughter. He stared at her for a moment, and Amanda smiled up at him. She asked, "What's wrong, Daddy?"

He shook his head. "Not a thing. I just wanted to tell you that you've turned into a beautiful young lady." He smiled at her, and then hugged her. "And I love you."

Later that evening, Jack told me that someplace and sometime over the last ten years, his little girl grew up.

Yeah...I thought I had him all figured out.

I need to work on that idea a little more.

Keep Loving!

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