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Monday, October 4, 2010

Are FaceBook Ads Bugging You, Too?

Are the ads FaceBook is putting on your HOME tab bugging you? Here's how to get rid of them without violating the TOS...

Every time an ad appears there, click the little 'x' in the upper right hand corner of the ad, and then select "Offensive". This tells FaceBook that the ad somehow offends your delicate sensibilities.

Next, if you see the same ad again, click the 'x' and select "Other". A comment box will appear, and ask the FaceBook ad team why they are violating your right to be free from unsolicited offensive material.

It's important that you include the words in bold above in your comment. Why? Because it implies the possibility of legal action and is a clear statement that you find the material offensive and that you have notified FaceBook of that fact prior to taking any further action. In other words, you have told them that the material offends you and are giving them a reasonable chance to fix the problem and no longer violate your rights.

Yeah...a whole herd of lawyers came up with this approach.

Now, and this is important, if you are contacted by FaceBook or anyone else who asks you what you find offensive about the ad(s), DO NOT give any reasons. Simply say that you find the ad(s) offensive and you request (not demand!) that you no longer be exposed to offensive material. You are under no legal obligation to defend your morality or opinions, and they are under full legal obligations to not violate your rights.

I have gone from having four or more ads on my HOME tab every time I loaded the page to perhaps two or three a week. They get the same treatment.

No clutter, no muss, no fuss.

Keep Loving!

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