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Friday, October 22, 2010

Dragons, Knights, and HOT Erotica Romance, Knoghts of Desire Has It All!

If you like erotica, romance, action, and science fiction, then read on...

Knights of Desire

Knights of Desire is the book for you! Here's what the critics have to say...

5 CUPS: "Whew! Ms. Aaron has done it again; her books just keep getting better and better. This is another great book with a solid story line. I could not put it down until I had finished the last line and I read it in one sitting. The author has a real gift for creating characters and you never feel as though you are reading the same characters just with a different story line. What else can I say? The men are positively drool worthy, the heroine is my favorite kind of take-no-prisoners but with a soft side kind of gal, the sex is enough to singe eyebrows, and there is plenty of action. What more could a reader ask for?" -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance

5 ANGELS: "The HMSS Daedalus and its crew are back this time with the focus on a different set of characters and their adventures. I will be honest and admit that I wasn't sure that I was going to enjoy this installment as much as Burning Love, but I was so wrong. I think that I actually enjoyed it more. No one writes multiple partner relationships as well as Ms. Aaron, and I'm a tough sell on these types of partnerships. Shane as the female lead was a totally rocking character; tough yet feminine she embodied all that a woman should want to be, well, if you lived on a spaceship and dealt with various aliens all day long you would want to be her! The two Knights, Landis and Clemmons, are just scrumptious. I wanted to eat them up! When the three get together, it became almost too hot to handle. I love the Immortal Love universe that the Flights of Fancy books are built upon and am never disappointed when I visit." -- Hayley, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 STARS: "A futuristic romance. The setting is the future in a galaxy far, far away. Sir Clemmons and Sir Landis both serve King Sayid. The two brave Knights are lovers. During battle, they form a bond with Shane (female) and both find they love her. When she is taken prisoner of war, they risk their lives to save her. Knights of Desire has a little of something for everyone. From dragons, male/male, male/female, Knights and battles, Melodee Aaron's imaginative tale has it all." -- Review Your Book

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