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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oct. 9 - This Day In History - Now Including Famous Birthdays!

This Day In History
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October 9

1635 - Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island, was banished from Massachusetts because he had spoken out against punishments for religious offenses and giving away land that belonged to the Indians. Williams had founded Providence, Rhode Island as a place for people to seek religious freedom.

1701 - The Collegiate School of Connecticut was chartered in New Haven. The name was later changed to Yale.

1776 - A group of Spanish missionaries settled in what is now San Francisco, CA.

1781 - The last major battle of the American Revolutionary War took place in Yorktown, VA. The American forces, led by George Washington, defeated the British troops under Lord Cornwallis.

1812 - During the War of 1812 American forces captured two British brigs, the Detroit and the Caledonia.

1855 - Isaac Singer patented the sewing machine motor.

1855 - Joshua C. Stoddard received a patent for his calliope.

1858 - Mail service via stagecoach between San Francisco, CA, and St. Louis, MO, began.

1872 - Aaron Montgomery started his mail order business with the delivery of the first mail order catalog. The firm later became Montgomery Wards.

1876 - Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson made their longest telephone call to date. It was a distance of two miles.

1888 - The public was admitted to the Washington Monument for the first time.

1914 - During World War I, German forces captured Antwerp, Belgium.

1919 - The Cincinnati Reds won the World Series. The win would be later tainted when 8 Chicago White Sox were charged with throwing the game. The incident became known as the "Black Sox" scandal.

1930 - Aviator Laura Ingalls landed in Glendale, CA, to complete the first solo transcontinental flight across the U.S. by a woman.

1935 - "Cavalcade of America" was first broadcast on CBS radio.

1936 - The first generator at Boulder Dam began transmitting electricity to Los Angeles, CA. The name of the dam was later changed to Hoover Dam.

1940 - St. Paul's Cathedral in London was bombed by the Nazis. The dome was unharmed in the bombing.

1943 - "Land of the Lost" debuted on ABC radio.

1946 - "The Iceman Cometh" opened in New York City, NY.

1946 - The first electric blanket went on sale in Petersburg, VA.

1947 - The Broadway show, "High Button Shoes", opened.

1963 - Over 2,000 people were killed in northeast Italy when the Vaiont Dam was overrun by water. The incident was caused by landslide that occurred behind the dam.

1967 - Che Guevara was executed by Bolivian soldiers for attempting to incite a revolution in Bolivia.

1974 - Oskar Schindler died in Frankfurt, Germany. Schindler is credited with saving the lives of about 1,200 Jews during the Holocaust.

1975 - Andrei Sakharov was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The Soviet scientist is known as the "father of the hydrogen bomb."

1983 - Helen Moss joined the Brownies at the age of 83. She became the oldest person to become a member.

1985 - The hijackers of the Achille Lauro cruise liner surrendered after the ship arrived in Port Said, Egypt.

1986 - U.S. District Judge Harry E. Claiborne became the fifth federal official to be removed from office through impeachment. The U.S. Senate convicted Claiborne of "high crimes and misdemeanors."

1986 - Joan Rivers debuted her new "The Late Show" on the FOX network.

1986 - The musical "Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber opened in London.

1989 - The official Soviet news agency Tass reported an unidentified flying object. The report included a trio of tall aliens that had visited the city of Voronzh.

1991 - The play revival "On Borrowed Time" opened.

1994 - The U.S. sent troops and warships to the Persian Gulf in response to Saddam Hussein sending thousands of troops and hundreds of tanks toward the Kuwaiti border.

1995 - Saboteurs tinkered with a stretch of railroad track in Arizona. An Amtrak train derailed killing one and injuring a hundred.

2000 - Brett Hull (Dallas Stars) scored his 611th National Hockey League (NHL) goal. The goal allowed him to pass his father, Bobby Hull, on the all time scoring list bringing him to number 9.

2001 - Prosecutors in Miami, FL, announced that they would seek a prison sentence if O.J. Simpson was convicted in his road rage trial. Jury selection began for the trial just after the announcement.

2003 - Britain's Queen Elizabeth II knighted Roger Moore and made Sting a CBE (Commander of the British Empire).

2009 - NASA launched the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS). On November 13, it was announced that water had been discovered in the planned impact plume on the moon.

Whose Birthday Is It?

Rube Marquard 1889

Bruce Catton 1899

Aimee Semple McPherson 1890

Otto Schnering 1891

Alistair Sim 1900

Howard St. John 1905

Jacques Tati 1908

Edward Andrews 1914

Fyvush Finkel 1923

Donald Sinden 1923

Joe Pepitone 1940

John Lennon 1940

Peter Tosh 1944

John Alec Entwistle 1944

Jackson Browne 1948

Robert Wuhl 1951

James Fearnley 1954

Shona Laing 1955

Scott Bakula 1955

Mike Singletary 1958

Michael Pare 1959

Kurt Neumann 1961

Gary Bennett (BR5-49) 1964

PJ Harvey (Polly Jean Harvey) 1969

Sean Lennon (Sean Tara Ono Lennon) 1975

Randy Spelling 1978

Zachery Ty Bryan 1981

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