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Monday, October 18, 2010

Spanking The Monkey

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I can't seem to leave some news stories alone...

Spanking The Monkeys

You have to love when the unbiased media-you remember them, right?-goes on a tear.

This time, not only are they fussing about the fact that people are not happy with the Political Wing of their party, but the media is spanking the public itself for being unhappy.

And that's where the disconnect from reality happens...

As a group, all three Wings of the liberal machine see the public in the same way. Oh, you may not know that there are three Wings:

(1) The Political Wing is generally considered to be the Democratic Party. These are the openly acknowledged members of the liberal machine that most people are familiar with. The Political Wing is the only wing that admits to being a member of the liberal structure.

(2) The Media Wing is at the other end of the spectrum in terms of publicly admitting their connection to and promotion of liberal agendas. The Media Wing can be seen as an advertising department, constantly shoving the liberal plan down the throats of the public. After all, if you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes truth.

(3) The Judicial Wing also hides itself, or at least tries to. Judges will vehemently deny any agenda, but they exist as a final backstop to forcing liberal agendas on the people regardless of the public's desires. Since judges are appointed and not elected, they do not answer to the people, unlike members of congress and reporters. This removes any accountability and actually gives the Judicial Wing tremendous power. If the Media Wing is unable to brainwash the public into accepting the agenda passed by the Political Wing, the Judicial Wing will legislate from the bench to force the concepts on the people with no further recourse.


The Wings all see the people as monkeys. We are expected to do as we are told, not make trouble, and smile a lot. Most importantly, a good monkey will not only fail to put up a fuss, but will also profusely thank the Wings for what they are doing.

On the other hand, a bad monkey will be outspoken and critical of the Wings and will do what they can to block the agenda and limit the power of the Wings.

It's easy to remove the Political Wing from power. It's called "Voting". The people still have the power of the vote, at least for now, and that power can be used to put people more responsive to the people into power.

Redirection of the Media Wing is harder to do, but it's really not too bad. The key is to avoid media sources that are members of the Media Wing. Stop buying that liberal newspaper and switch to something more in line with your views. Contact sponsors and tell them you will no longer buy their products as long as they back the Media Wing. You get the idea. Hit them in the pocket book.

The Judicial Wing is the real problem. As mentioned before, judges have no accountability at all. They do not answer to anyone, including the people. Frankly, I have no idea how to get rid of them.

But the bottom line is that we are not behaving like good monkeys should behave.

So we're being spanked.

Keep Loving!

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