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Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Apple A Day...Or Three Apples A Day

I rarely do endorsements. In fact, I have only done one paid endorsement in my entire life, and in all honesty, I regretted it.

Long story.

I have done a few spontaneous endorsements of products and services that I like. I am never paid for these, and I would not accept payment if it were offered. To me, there is something about a paid endorsement that smacks of graft.


I like fruit. There are only a few fruits I don't like, and some people find those odd. For example, I don't care for peaches, but I will eat them sometimes fresh. Never in a pie or otherwise cooked. I think it's a texture thing. And I don't like pears at all. Most of the other common fruit I like. Bananas, grapes, melons of all kinds, strawberries, blueberries, apricots, and so on down the list are all fair game and have a short life expectancy around me.

My favorite fruits are apples. All kinds of apples. Delicious (all variations), Gala, Fuji, MacIntosh, Braeburn, you name it. Until a month or two ago, I had to say that my favorite apples were Fuji. They are sweet and have a good, firm texture to them.

But then I found something new...

The local Wal-Mart recently converted to a Super Center, and so they now have foods. Part of that is a nice produce section. I went there with the family and I decided to get some apples, and as I was browsing the several bins, I saw an apple that looked a little like a Gala, or maybe a big Fuji. The name on the apple was "Honeycrisp". I never heard of them, but they looked good, felt very firm, and had a great color. The downside was that while most of the other apples were $1.39 a pound, the Honeycrisp were $2.27 a pound.

I bought about five of them.

When I got them home, I had Maria put the apples in the fridge since I like my apples cold. It wasn't until the next afternoon that I wanted a snack and grabbed one from the drawer. I went back to my office and settled in a bit, then I picked up the fruit and took a big bite.

The first thing I noticed was that the chunk was so crisp that it seemed to almost pop off the apple and into my mouth. A delightful crunch accompanied every chew I made on the piece.

And then the flavor hit the name implied, the apple was very sweet with a honey-like flavor in the mix of apple juice. The skin gave a very slightly bitter hint to offset some of the sweetness, and that is a good thing. The sweetness of the Honeycrisp might be over-powering if not for that!

I ate the entire apple without stopping or even setting it down. I gnawed at the core like I was half-starved, trying to get every last piece of the wonderful flesh. I even licked my fingers when I was done!

Since that first bite of this amazing apple, I have been buying about a dozen a week. I have at least one every day, and some days I will eat three of them.

I really can't say enough about how good the Honeycrisp apple is.

I did a little research and found the web site There is a lot of information there about this apple, and they even have links to several growers where you can order the apples on-line if you can't find them in your local stores.

Yes, I know the Honeycrisp apples are expensive. Even at Wal-Mart they are nearly 70% higher than "normal" apples.

But this is a classic case of getting what you pay for, and it only costs a little more to go first class...

And the Honeycrisp is a first class apple.

Keep Loving!

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