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Monday, November 29, 2010

Do We Want Economic Growth?

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I can't seem to leave some news stories alone...

Here Is One Thing We Can't Afford

Yes, that's right...

We can not afford NOT to fund the space program.

We have all heard the old standard clich├ęs about how the money could be better spent here on the ground. And you know what? Those old tired statements are 100% accurate. We could better spend money here on the ground.

Except for one thing...

Since the space program started way back in the 1950s, for every dollar spent on the program, $2.50 of growth was created.

The US economy, along with that of the entire European Union, is in the toilet. The object here is not to explore the reasons for that, but instead to find one part of the solution. Do the math now...if we pump $1-billion into the space program, we will see about $2.5-billion in economic growth.

The reasons are pretty clear...

Private space contractors will hire people and sub-contractors. The sub-contractors will hire people and sub-sub-contractors. Everyone will buy goods from suppliers. The suppliers will hire people. All these people now working for the contractors, sub-contractors, sub-sub-contractors, and suppliers will have more money to spend, so they will all go shopping at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart will hire more people. The new Wal-Mart Associates will have money, so they will go shopping, too. Maybe at Target. And everyone pays taxes, and since there are more people making more money, tax revenues increase.

And yes, we now have a viscous cycle building. And all of sudden, we see good, sustainable growth of the economy.

But there is one key thing to all of this...

Government has to shrink and spending on nonsense has to go away. Without these things, the cycle goes in the wrong direction, just as it has for the last two years. We spend more and more just to keep the government growing. No one cares about the economy, only government. In fact, while I am not prepared to say that it is a fact, there is good evidence that the goal all along has been to crush the US economy.

So, where do we cut to get the $1.2-billion needed to fund the space program? How about repealing ObamaCare? That alone would save us better than $2-trillion.

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