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Thursday, November 11, 2010

For The Boys...and Girls!

Well, here we are at another Veteran's Day.

There are so many things I want to say, but it really comes down to just saying Thank You to all the veterans and active-duty military people out there.

My husband, Jack, is a vet. He was a Navy SEAL, and won't even talk to me about things he has done and places he has been. Yeah, I'm sure they weren't all that much fun. Fact is, I'm proud of him for doing them, no matter what they were, and I'm happy he was there to protect us all.

A dear friend of mine, Brian, is active-duty Air Force. He did some time in Iraq. I know that wasn't much fun, either. Fact is, I'm glad he was there to make it safe for all of us.

I can't list all the men and women I know who either are vets or will one day be a vet. But I am proud and happy that they care enough about us and America to do the things they do. And it doesn't matter if they are hiding behind a vehicle that just got its tires blown off by an IED trying to figure out how to get out of there alive or if they are sitting at a desk trying to figure out how to save $2 on a shipment of toilet paper headed to the Pentagon. They are there to serve and protect us.

Thanks, folks.

You make me proud to be an American.

Keep Loving!

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