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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How Long?

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I can't seem to leave some news stories alone...

Just How Long Is Long Enough?

I really do feel sorry for the administrative law judges involved in this particular fiasco. They are the ones who get blamed for and bear the anger related to the choices made much higher up the ladder.

This issue is also tied closely to the entire worker's comp system in that they have the same processes and goals.

The goal, by the way, is to drag things out so long that the applicant gives up and goes away.

They might give up just because they are tired of the red tape and all the hoops set up for them to jump through. They might throw their hands up because they have run out of savings to live on. Or, with any luck for the agencies involved, the applicant might just die. That only costs $255.

The end result is the same, no matter why the case gets dropped...

The governmental agency involved doesn't have to pay the applicant.

I doubt anyone is so naive they believe that everyone who applies for Social Security Disability (or worker's comp) is really disabled. Maybe I trust people too much, but I would bet that the vast majority really can't work. In fact, numbers in excess of 95% would not surprise me at all.

So, why is there a two year delay between a person applying for SS Disability and when they get an appeals hearing? Just my opinion, but this process, from the time the application is filed until payments start, should happen in like ninety days. Tops.


Some investigative reporter needs to look into this...

Are SS doctors being paid to decline applications? Again, that would not surprise me at all. If this is happening, you can bet that it's well hidden, though. It will take some serious digging to find the truth.

So, are there any actual journalists out there anymore? As opposed to those spinning politics and chasing celebrities.

Anyone want to take up the challenge?

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