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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is There Anybody Out There?

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I can't seem to leave some news stories alone...

Star Light, Star Bright

That's a pretty good track record. Finding 500 exoplanets in 20 years is pretty impressive. That's 25 a year...about two every month.

So what?

I'm all for research and knowledge for its own sake, but I can't for the life of me see what use this knowledge will find any time in the future.

It's not like we'll ever go to any of these planets. First, the technology for such a trip is very far in the future. Second, we lack the drive to actually do it.

Hell, we have TV remotes because people don't have the ambition to walk to the TV and change the channel!

Yeah, I've heard all about the "fact" that because there are other planets, that means there could be life on them. Whatever. The vast majority of people believe that we are all there is. You could show them live video of Martians doing the wave at a Dodgers' game and they would say it was faked. The rest of the people seem to think that the aliens are already here taking samples.

It's the latter group that worries me...

Think about this for a minute...the earliest alien abduction story I could find that is clearly stated is from 1936. There are hints that it could go back a LOT farther, but let's use 1936 as the starting point. That would mean that aliens have been doing the old snatch-and-grab of humans for almost 75 years. Let's assume that they put the bag on 10 people a year. That's 750 folks who have been abducted.

The stories are all remarkably similar...the aliens grab the person, they do a medical exam of one form or another—often involving an anal probe, a worrisome aspect in its own right, but I digress—and then tell the human something about life in the [fill in your favorite star's name here] system before erasing the person's memory and putting them back.

There are a bunch of problems with this...

(1) Are the aliens incompetent? Why kidnap so many people to do a physical on them? Looking at maybe a dozen random people would tell a reasonably bright alien all they need to know about human biology. If we assume that the aliens see men, women, boys, girls, and each race as a different species (a reasonable assumption), that still comes out to maybe a hundred people.

(2) Why put the people back? Wouldn't it be easier to "dispose" of the people? I mean, from a security point of view, dead-you-name-its tell no tales. And the aliens are clearly worried about security, or else they would simply land at the Super Bowl during halftime and say hello. Besides, I hear we taste like chicken.

(3) Again, are the aliens incompetent? Why is it that their memory eraser never seems to work just right? After trying it on at least 750 people, one would think they would have the bugs worked out. Or at least that they would find a better way to deal with the security issues. See #2 above.

So, what is the point to all of this?

Damned if I know.

Keep Loving!

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