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Saturday, November 6, 2010


If you're on Twitter—and to a degree FaceBook and MySpace as well—you know what things like #FF, and #MM, and #WW mean. At least more or less.

In a nutshell, those tags mean that we are doing something special for someone else. In the case of Twitter, we are sharing the fact that we like following certain people with people who follow us.

Don't worry about it.

I have had for a long time my own special, personal hash tag...


While #FF means “Follow Friday” and #WW means “Writing Wednesday”, my #SS means “Seduction Saturday”.

I doubt that Jack (my hubby) has caught on that some special things happen on Saturdays. He's a man and he really doesn't pay too much attention to the calendar. And, as a man, he just isn't all that bright. Sorry guys.

Now, I'm not saying that special things don't happen other days of the week, because they do. It's just that on Saturdays, I try to make it all very special for Jack...

Sometimes it's fantasy day...anything he can imagine—and a few he can't—are on the table. Or the hood of the truck. Or the kitchen table. Maria hates that last one.

Other days it's spoil Jack time. I won't let him lift a finger. If we're just cuddled up on the sofa watching TV and he wants a different channel, he tells me and I do the work of pushing the buttons on the remote.

And it's not always about sex. Really!! Sometimes I know he wants to go someplace or do soemthing that bores me to tears, or worse, that I just absolutely hate. Well, I do it anyway, and I act like I'm having a great time. Fact is, after a little time of acting like I'm enjoying things, I start to really enjoy it just because I'm with Jack.

You see, seduction isn't always about sex. OK...usually it is. But there is a reason for that.

Each of us has a little book in our brain. In many ways, it's like a dictionary, and it defines words and actions to us. For women, the connection of actions and words is often complex. We see “love” as being defined by tenderness, caring, devotion, and all manner of other emotionally charged words like those.

For men, the book is much smaller and a whole lot simpler. In that dictionary in a man's head—and it's a very tiny book—there is an entry that looks something like: “LOVE = SEX”.

From a practical point of view, we women know our man loves us by the way he looks at us, or in how he runs his fingers down our cheek, and by the way his arms completely enclose us when we hug.

Men don't get that kind of stuff. He looks at us like that because he wants us to take our clothes off. He runs his fingers down our cheek because he's imagining doing the same thing to our thigh. He hugs us that way because he wants to hump us.

For a man, the only way he knows we love him is when we have sex with him, and he believes that the only way he can show us his love is by having sex with us.

Anyway, I have a plan of action for today...

In a nutshell, I'm going to dress sexy and ignore him.

When he stares at me, I won't acknowledge him.

When he tries to kiss me, I'll dodge him.

When he tries to touch me, I'll move away.

By sundown, he'll be ready to chew my clothes off.

And I'll let him.

Keep Loving!

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