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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weird Science

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I can't seem to leave some news stories alone...

Weird Science

I'm not going to disagree that smoking is bad for people.

And I mean the smoking of anything...tobacco, pot, crack, corn silk, whatever.

The bottom line is that pulling particulate matter into your lungs is not good for you. Look at coal miners if you disagree.


I tried to look up the data in this study, and guess what? It is not available to anyone not a part of the study team. It is secret—classified if you will—and cannot be examined by outsiders. Nor can any of the study process. Nor can any of the raw data.


The goal of science is the open and free examination and evaluation of ideas and theories. You come up with a hypothesis and put it out there. Other people are welcome to blow holes in it. You then alter your ideas and repeat the process. Eventually, the truth filters out.

But when we start to hide the entire process, we no longer have science.

We have politics.

Any research where the process is closed in any way is suspect. Odds are that the data, evaluation, and results are wrong at best.

At worst, they are faked.

See references to ClimateGate for a classic example.

This whole secret study tells me that there are no where near 600,000 deaths per years related to second-hand smoke. In fact, I doubt they can prove that there is even one death.

It's pretty clear that the study was done to prove a predetermined precept. In other words, it was faked.

Just like ClimateGate.

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  1. You want to see another egregious example, look into the history of the "deaths by radon gas" hysteria. The claim that there are 20,000 "extra" deaths per year due to radon exposure is based entirely on the notion that you can extrapolate the number of deaths due to small doses of radiation from the number due to fatal doses. That humans evolved in an environment with a significant background radiation level is entirely ignored, and now an industry exists to help save you from "deadly doses of radon" in your basement.