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Monday, December 13, 2010

Crash Scene Investigations - Or How To Compact Your Camry

Well, that was a fun day.

Not really, but let me tell you why...

My schedule for the day was to:

FIRST - Drop off my dog Tripper at the vet. He has a chronic fungal infection in his ear, and about once a year, the vet knocks him out and cleans them very well. This is despite the regular flushing and cleanings that we do at home. Since they knock Tripper out for the procedure, the vet did a preoperative exam. During the exam, the vet found that one of Tripper's teeth was "not right". An X-ray revealed that the tooth was abscessed and needed to come out. Since they were going to knock him out anyway, we decided to have the dental work done at the same time.

SECOND - Go to a meeting with some business associates to discuss some changes in the operation here.

THIRD - Have a pedicure. That's always fun.

FOURTH - Go to another meeting. See SECOND above. More of the same, just fewer people and a tighter focus.

FIFTH - Pick up Tripper.

SIXTH - Go home. The plan was to get home about 3:30 or so.

Steps one, two, and three went pretty well. The problem happened between steps three and four.

As we were cruising down the road, Jack driving our truck (a Ford four-wheel-drive F-450 crew cab with a long bed and dual tires in the rear), some guy in a little Toyota Camry rear-ends us. Oh, did I mention that we were doing about 65 MPH and he was doing about 75 MPH?

Luckily, no one was hurt. Actually, in the truck, all we felt was a slight bump.

Now, if you have never seen an F-450, that is one seriously big pickup truck. I'm 5' 9", and I need to use the step rails to get in and out. My youngest daughter Debbie is 8 and stands maybe 4' 5", and she has to crawl to get in. I have no idea what the truck weighs, but I do know that the occasional 70 MPH Santa Anna winds don't even rock it around.

I'm sure you've seen a Camry. Or a Corolla. Same car, just less fancy trim. Or maybe a Lexus ES series. Again, same car, just with more fancy trim. Anyway, the Camry will just about fit in the bed of our truck.

And this dude hits the back of said truck with said car with a total difference in speed of at least 10 MPH.

Again, I am thankful that no one, not even the driver of the car, was injured. I think what saved him was that his airbags deployed. All of them. The inside of the car looked like a blimp crash site.

What alerted Jack that we had actually been hit was a good hunk of the driver front fender from the Camry flying off down the highway past us.

Then came the fun part...after the CHP finished their paperwork, the tow truck came for the now seriously crunched Camry. It took two tow trucks to get the Toyota out from under the pickup: One to lift up the rear end of our truck while the second pulled on the Camry. The trailer hitch had punched through the hood of the car and snagged on the motor. One of the drivers of the tow trucks told me that the thing that came out still stuck on the hitch was the "throttle body". I gather that's not a good thing to have ripped from your motor. After a few whacks with a sledge-hammer, the throttle body came loose and they tossed it in the front seat of the Camry...through the hole where the windshield once was.

The tow truck drivers looked under the pickup and pulled a few more pieces of Toyota out of there and told Jack that they saw no damage, but we needed to have a mechanic check it out. So, since we were only one exit from the Ford dealer where we had bought the truck, we drove down there.

Funny, but when you buy a truck that costs as much as this one did, the dealer remembers you. They were slow in the service department, and took the truck right in. They put it on a lift, checked it from one end to the other and found a few more small hunks of Camry, but no damage. They checked the front and rear alignment, and those were good. They did a tire rotation and an oil change—both of which we about due for—and we were on our way.

We skipped step four above.

So, here it is 6:00 and we're all home safe and sound. Even Tripper, though he is a bit loopy still.

The moral here is that if you drive a Camry or other small car, do not rear end a big truck.

You're going to lose.

Keep Loving!

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