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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Health and Welfare

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I can't seem to leave some news stories alone...

It's A Start

A single ruling by one judge is hardly what I would call a "major legal roadblock", but it's a start.

I don't know of a single person—myself included—who does not believe that there are some problems with the American medical system.

Costs are out of control. Too many people lack access to basic preventative care. Insurance premiums are so high that many people simply can't afford them.

But socialized medicine is not a good solution. There are three principle reasons why not...

First, costs are higher in a socialized system. Look at any country with socialized medicine for examples. The combined governmental and private expenditures per capita run higher than what we now have. Sometimes the increase is as much as 70% higher.

Second, quality of care goes down in a socialized system. Again, look at the examples. Life span decreases as does the life expectancy following major illnesses like cancer. Perhaps more telling are the self-reported state of health from people at various ages.

Third, access to health care goes down in a socialized system. Waits for treatment get longer, choices get narrower, and work loads on providers go up. All of these contribute to both the first and second reasons, too.

A better solution seems totally unrelated to heath care to most people at first glance, and that is why it is often dismissed. You have to be able and willing to see the "big picture"...

Create Jobs

Good, long term, well paying jobs from employers who are making money can provide quality health insurance. Yes, it's really just that simple.

How this happens is just as simple...

Get The Government Off The Backs Of Business

With the current mass of regulations, forms, taxes, and all the rest, business can't be streamlined and efficient. They spend so much time and money on governmental compliance issues that a business can't afford to create jobs.

The easiest way to make all of this happen is for government to, basically, do nothing. Get rid of the unneeded regulations and taxes, and then just sit back.

Let The Free Market Fix Itself

In a nutshell, a health care provider or insurance company that is not offering a good value will not have any customers, and they will go away or change their offering. Costs will come down. Premiums will come down. Access will increase. Service will increase. Quality will increase. More people will take part in the programs because they have a job and can afford the program.

In other words, problem solved.

And we don't have to call each other Comrade.

Keep Loving!

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