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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Universe Next Door

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I can't seem to leave some news stories alone...

An Old SF Standard

I love this disagreement for several reasons...

First, I have doctoral degrees in math and theoretical physics. I find the solutions to the equations and observations both eloquent and intriguing.

Second, I write science fiction. HARD science fiction where the fiction has to fit the facts.

SF authors, myself included, have used the idea of multiple universes for decades. Maybe centuries. The fact is that there are many solutions in physics—classical, quantum, relativistic, and M-theory—that support the concept. The problem comes in that no one can think of a way to test if these other universes exist outside of the pretty equations. By definition, any one universe can't "see" the others.


Have the researchers found actual physical evidence of other universes?

Personally, I don't think so. I think they are seeing the results of much more mundane things in the early history of our universe. As the article points out, there are much simpler explanations for the rings they see in the cosmic background radiation.

But that does not mean that the other universes don't exist. Again, just my opinion, but I believe that there are many other universes. To be precise, an infinite number of them.

And this is where it gets fun for both physicists and SF authors...

The universes can all have very different laws of physics.

And there are hints that we might, just maybe, be able to "see" these other universes in the equations of relativity, quantum mechanics, and M-theory.

One of my favorite solutions is based on M-theory...

It might be possible that a single-ended string, like a graviton, could hook one end in our universe and the other end to another universe. We then simply travel along the graviton to go to the other universe.

OK, so we need to work on the details a little. Maybe a lot.

But it sure makes for good SF!

Keep Loving!

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