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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Ultimate Radio

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I can't seem to leave some news stories alone...

Phone Home


Yes, a gravity well can be used as a lens for light and shorter wavelengths. No arguments there.

The gain in power in a system is easily measured by using a thing called a decibel (dB). While not exactly true, for every 3 dB of gain, you double the effective radiated power (ERP). Let's talk radio since that's more familiar to most people...

If your radio puts out 10 watts, and you put up a new antenna that has 3 dB more gain than your old antenna, you have done the same thing as increasing your power output to 20 watts. As a general rule, though, a new antenna is cheaper than a new transmitter. AND the new antenna also helps on the receive side, pulling in weaker signals better than the old one did.

Just some rough calculations show that the sun could provide as much as four million dB of gain.

But, the problem is not about power. It's about time.

No matter what you do, radio can't travel faster than light. The cosmic speed limit is fixed at 300-million meters per second.

We already have several radio telescope systems that can communicate with another facility just like them anywhere in the galaxy. The downside is if we are talking to ET on his home planet that is, let's say, 200 light years away, when we send a message, we won't get an answer for 400 years. We could harness the entire output of the sun and blink it on and off in Morse code, and that time won't change.

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