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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rock'n'Roll Never Forgets

Yes, I'm back.

I took a hiatus to focus on some writing projects before a trip overseas (Asia, Africa, and Australia), but the tour was canceled. My husband (Jack) is also in charge of "Loss Prevention", and that includes security, for the company. Some of the losses he prevents include life. Mine. Due to the problems in the Mideast (Egypt in particular), we won't be going.

The good news is that I was able to actually get ahead of the writing game a little. The bad news is that the gains are almost all on the print side of the coin. The other good news is that has freed up some time to get to work on the E-Book stuff.


A few things have been going on around here while I was working...

The biggest is that Jack may soon get to join me in the world of the deaf. Those of you who read regularly here will recall that we got our oldest (Amanda) a new guitar and small amplifier for Christmas. She loves it. And she plays it. A lot. But she has been fussing that the amp doesn't have enough power (her statement is that the "...amp doesn't have enough balls..." Yeah, she's ten) and at the higher volume levels, the amp distorts. What do I know? I'm freaking deaf, so I have to take her word for it. Amanda went to her dad, and then came to me, with an ad for a new amp. A big amp. A REALLY amp. We're talking something that could rattle the roof of the Astrodome. And the puppy is made up of six "cabinets": The amplifier itself, four big speakers, and a smaller monitor speaker. Did I mention that the amplifier is rated at 750 watts? Per channel? Into the five channels? Yeah, that's 3,750 watts total. I have no clue how "loud" a watt is, but I did some checking. Our family room is about 25 feet wide and 35 feet long. The entire family tells me that the sound system for the home theater system in there can get painfully loud if turned up past about 6 or 7. It has a total of 1,500 watts into ten speakers. So, I would guess that better than twice that much power would be pretty freaking loud.


Yes, we got Amanda the new amp. We also have a contractor coming out Monday to do a bid on building her a "Sound Room" into the garage. It will be sound-proofed and have good acoustics so she can play without disturbing anyone and have good sound reproduction.

In the meantime, she is playing the thing in her room.

Amanda's room is next to my office. With her small amp, when she would really crank it up, I could feel the vibrations while working at my desk. She's playing the big amp right now, and I can see the pictures on the shared wall between her room and my office bouncing. The iced tea in my glass next to me is not just "rippling" is sloshing around.

And Jack is walking around the house wearing his noise canceling headphones.

And here's the funny part...

Amanda understands that loud noises and music can damage her hearing. She has learned the lessons that rockers of the past like Pete Townsend missed. So she wears some kind of special "Musician's Hearing Protectors" when she plays. I gather that these things reduce the volume without changing the sound. Again, how would I know? You can actually talk to her in a more or less normal voice and she can hear you even when the foundation is cracking. Or, as happened when I went in to talk to her last night, the sound was blowing my hair around.

I'm just thankful that the amp doesn't dim the lights when she plays.

And there is a bright side to all of this...

Amanda is pretty good on the guitar. Oh, she's no Eric Clapton or Eddie van Halen or Jeff Beck, but she's only ten and has only been playing for about five years. She has a gift for the instrument, though, and is able to learn a song very quickly. She can read music, but she can learn a song in a matter of an hour or two just by listening to it. She likes all guitars, too. She plays acoustics, but she loves electric. She also likes bass and rhythm, but she really loves lead. And she can sing, too. At not-quite-eleven, her voice is still a little soft, but she's learning and growing.

I sometimes think that Amanda wants to be a rocker when she grows up. She'd be good at it, I think. Yeah, I'd love to see her be an author, but whatever she's good at and likes is OK with me.

Jack just wants her to do something quiet.

Keep Loving!

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