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Monday, March 14, 2011

She Do The Boogie

You know, women just don't get the fact that a man will be all rough and tumble with a son, encouraging him to do "manly" things as young as possible, but then turn right around and do everything they can to keep their daughters from growing up past the little girl stage.

Yeah, just one of many double standards. I'm good with that, though.

Take my husband Jack and our oldest daughter, Amanda...

Amanda will be eleven in June. She's pretty, precocious, smart, and—according to Jack at least—learning to flirt from me. Every so often Jack will catch her making eyes at boys when we are in restaurant or something. Amanda tends to wink and wave at boys when we are out shopping. Adding to Jack's concern is that Amanda likes boys five or more years older than she is.

OK, maybe she is taking after me. Anyway...

The other day, Amanda was out in her "studio" playing her guitar. We had a room built for her in the garage area that has good sound proofing and all the equipment she needs to play and not be disturbed and not blow the windows out of the house. She almost lives out there.

Jack decided to go listen to Amanda play for a while, and when he walked into the room, Amanda was jamming on Tube Snake Boogie by ZZ Top. Yeah, that didn't go over too well with her dad. Amanda doesn't get the innuendo of the song, at least I believe from talking to her that she doesn't, but that doesn't matter to Jack. But he was at least understanding enough not to make a big issue of it and asked Amanda to play something else.

She thought for a moment, no doubt thinking her dad requested something else by ZZ Top, and she went right into playing Pearl Necklace.

I've been in bed sick for the last few days, so Jack just came to our room and sat down on the side of the bed and told me all about how his not-quite-eleven daughter was playing "dirty songs" on the guitar. I reassured him that Amanda likely had no clue about the "meaning" of the songs and just liked the music. There are, after all, some pretty good guitar riffs in most ZZ Top songs, those two included. I told him I would talk to Amanda.

He didn't look too reassured, though.

Later, Amanda came to my room and brought me the latest news about the world at large. We talked about some of the stories, and I finally said to her, "Your dad was upset about the ZZ Top songs you were playing today."

She frowned a little. "Yeah, I thought I was messing them up and he was mad about that, but I don't think I missed a note or smeared anything."

"No, honey, your dad doesn't like what the songs are about."

The frown deepened. "He doesn't like songs about jewelry and dancing?"

I smiled and took her little hand in mine. "I guess not. Try not to play them when he's around."

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