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Monday, June 27, 2011

Super Help Needed!


OK, here's the deal...

As we wandered around the San Diego Zoo's Nighttime Zoo yesterday, my mind was, as always, running. I tried to keep it in neutral as far as work goes, but any author will tell you that just isn't possible. I'm always looking for a story angle.

Anyway, at some point we passed a bunch of kids and a handful of adults escorting them. For some reason, the kids were all dressed to one degree or another as various superheroes. You know...Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and all the rest. The kids were cute.

But that got me to thinking. I know, that's dangerous.

Since then, I've been playing with an idea that's tugging at my brain for a new book. A futuristic SF story about a superhero.

Yes, an erotica romance superhero.

As crazy as it may sound, I'm leaning to something just a little, well, hokey. Yeah, just like the comic book—excuse me, graphical novel—superheroes. A little comedy tossed in with the battling of evil doers, and, of course, the romance and erotica.

I need a few ideas from readers and other authors to help me along in the early stages of this process...

(BTW, you can read a lot about other superheroes on the web site:

First, what kind of super powers should our hero have? Flight? Invisibility? Telepathy? What?

Second, what about a name for the superhero part of the hero's twin egos? What would be a snappy name to match his powers? I guess Superman has the perfect name. He is, after all, super. Ditto for Batman. Same deal with Spiderman. Any thoughts?

Third, what does our superhero do when he isn't fighting evil? Is he a jock, maybe a pilot or sports star? Does he have some mundane job like Clark Kent or Peter Parker? Maybe he's filthy rich like Bruce Wayne? What do you think?

Fourth, and this could “cancel” numbers 2 and 3 above, does he even have an alter ego? Maybe, just maybe, he doesn't keep the fact that he is a superhero secret at all. What are your thoughts on that?

I would also appreciate any other thoughts you might have. Remember that we're talking about a hokey superhero here, just like the, um, graphical novels. That means the field is pretty much wide open to anything!

You can comment to this blog post. That's the preferred way. But if you don't have a Blogger account and don't want to sign up for one for some reason, you can also E-Mail me at and I will post your comments back to here unless you ask me not to. Also, you can comment on FaceBook or send me a Tweet.

So, come on, folks! Let's hear it!

Keep Loving!

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  1. Melodee, if you do truly want some ideas about superheroes from my perspective, then I have two erotic romances that star superheroes ~ Her Insatiable Dark Heroes, a bestseller at Siren-BookStrand, and now at AllRomanceEbooks. Also, Black Cat Beauty, the hero has super powers.

  2. Thanks, Savanna, I'll check them out.

  3. Whoo. I could lecture all day on this one. I grew up reading Marvel Comics and used to write fanfic about the X-Men. It doesn't need to be complicated. Decide what kind of story you're telling, what powers would work best for the plotline (or really mess up the hero, which is even more fun), then come up with a descriptive name. Or a pun name, which are also fun. For instance, villainous Acid Rayne can melt things with her touch. How does she keep her gloves on? Screw that; how does she keep from burning her boyfriend? You get the picture. Then create a supervillain whose powers match or cancel out the hero's. Then get them in bed together. Yeah, that'd work.

    When you're finished reading Savanna's books, see if you can find season 1 of Heroes on DVD. They didn't have costumes or code names, but it could give you some ideas of superpowers used realistically.

  4. I had two comments that came in via E-Mail and FaceBook:

    Morgan Ashbury wrote:

    A. J. Menden created a series, Elite Hands of Justice, and has 3 books out (published by Dorchester). Those are kind of fun.

    Now, if we're talking erotic superheroes, did you perhaps want the "power" to be a power bestowed by Eros? Perhaps the superhero needs to "recharge" on a regular basis and so needs to make love often.

    Mm, would be nice if one of the benefits of that power was the ability to, um, "custom fit to order". Maybe there's a perfect mate (or two or three) for each of your superheroes, and they only achieve their full maturity (i.e., powers) once they've found those mates.

    You could perhaps use as your base different myths from different cultures.

    The beauty of this kind of story line is that it affords you the opportunity to create your own world.

    Good luck!


    Good thoughts, Morgan!

    Bob Johnson wrote:

    First off, why he? Are you one of those MM writers? Why not She. Why not a she and a he?

    1. What powers - super fast computer mind, instant memory, instant look up ability with direct mental link to his/her super computer. If a pair, he could be a mechanical super person, instantly creating machines to fly, go under water, drive, stealth gear whatever the plot needs while she is the computer super person.

    2. civvy jobs. He distributes sex toys go here maybe or he is super rich - the butler is such a cool character; While she is a nurse/doctor/psychotherapist - pick one.

    3. Names. Him - Orville & Mechman; She - Ginger or Antoinette - Wiredwoman

    Plot ideas - that is really your job, but if this is erotica, adapt it so they help women who don't orgasm and men who don't know how to get a woman to orgasm

    Could be fun. Keep me posted.

    Thanks, Bob. Maybe it will end up as a she... :)