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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kids Say The Darnedest Things!

We did a little shopping trip yesterday that was originally intended for my oldest daughter (Amanda @AmandaJDouglas ) and I, but ended up being the entire family. That was OK, though, because we had a nice family lunch and the guys (hubby Jack and son JJ) pretty much just sat on the benches around the plaza and watched the girls while me, Amanda, and Debbie stimulated the economy.

JJ just turned 3 a month or so back. He's been signing since he was about 9 months, and talking since about 14 months. He's good at both. I'm not sure if JJ really went through “The Terrible Twos”, though. He never really became argumentative or stubborn. He did ask a lot of questions.

But as we were getting ready to head for home, Jack was going to put JJ in his car seat. JJ crossed his arms and said, “No.”

Jack just chuckled and explained to JJ that the car seat is much safer for him and that it is the law in any event. JJ shook his head and said, “No. I don't want to ride in that.”

I want you to have the picture firmly in your mind...JJ is a normal 3-year-old boy. Light hair and blue eyes, almost a toe-head, and of normal stature. His father is 6' 10” and about 300 pounds of muscle. Jack had not bent over to talk to JJ.

Jack laughed again and told JJ, “Then I'll just put you in the car seat.”

JJ looked around at his sisters and at me. He also looked at the security person escorting us. He looked up at his dad, spread his little feet to about shoulder width, put his fists on his hips and said, “You're going to need more help, daddy.”

He was wrong.

Keep Loving!

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