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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Modern Slave Trade

The Modern Slave Trade

OK, let's talk about an aspect of illegal immigration that no one seems willing to address.

It seems to me that of all days to talk about this, July 4th is a good choice. Today we celebrate the Declaration of Independence, that amazing document that states, in part, that “all men are created equal...”

I guess it's just not politically correct.

Yeah, like that's gonna stop me!

The most common statement heard in support of granting amnesty to the felons illegally in the United States or for simply ignoring the problem is that the illegals “...are doing jobs that no one else will do...” The single most common job so cited is that of harvesting various crops like lettuce.

Similarly, in the struggle to eliminate slavery in the early history of our country, a common logic given to support continued slavery was that slaves were needed to harvest various crops, especially cotton, because no one else would do that work.

Let's look at the history of slavery and how things changed after 1865...

The cotton-picker was initially invented way back in 1850, but little was done with the idea. The inventors, Taylure and Paige, created the machine to replace manual labor. There is a good argument that they were simply trying to increase efficiency and thereby profits, but when you consider the time frame, it is also very possible that they foresaw the coming abolition of slavery. Be that as it may, the idea more or less languished until 1889 when the first truly practical machine was developed by the Price Campbell Cotton Picker Corporation. In 1905 and 1924, more improvements were made that led to the modern machines. Even in the early days, a cotton-picker could replace 40 or more field laborers. Modern machines capable of picking up to 8 rows of cotton at a time and can replace as many as 400 workers.

The fact is that the southern slave holders were one wanted to pick cotton. Picking cotton is hard work, back-breaking labor in the hot sun from dawn to dusk. Even paid workers don't want to do it for even twice minimum wage.

But the cotton needed harvesting.

When the slaves were no longer an option, cotton plantations turned to the machines.

So, what does all of that have to do with illegal immigrants? Everything!

I'm going to pick on lettuce. No pun intended...

“We need the undocumented immigrants to pick lettuce and do other jobs that no one else will do!” That's the old, tired rhetoric from the supporters of amnesty.

But it just ain't so!

Why don't we have a machine that can pick lettuce at higher efficiencies than doing it by hand? It has nothing to do with lettuce being delicate or hard to pick or anything of the kind. The reason is very simple...

We don't need a lettuce-picker because we have modern slaves to do the work.

Yes, I just called the illegals slaves. And that is exactly what they are. At least that's how the left is treating them.

Illegals are exactly that: Illegal. They can't complain about working conditions or pay. They can't sue. They can't strike. They can't even go to the boss and ask for a raise. Just like the slaves couldn't demand redress from their owners.

With amnesty, we are trying to deal with the problem by making the workers legal. Guess what that will do. All of a sudden, the workers will get at least minimum wage, health insurance, vacations, and all the other benefits. That will drive costs up and profits down. Someone, someplace, will say, “Hey! We need a lettuce-picking machine to replace all of these workers!” And one will be invented. Then, all of the these workers will be out of a job and on various forms of welfare. Like we need more people unemployed! Our economy is already in the tank. Adding another 15-million people to welfare and unemployment will leave us in far worse shape than even Greece.

By simply ignoring the problem, we are perpetuating the modern slave trade. We are slowly killing these people who only want a better life in America. We are, by allowing them to remain here and suffer under the yoke of being a poorly paid slave, doing them a disastrous disservice.

We owe it to those here illegally to break the bondage that holds them. All slaves should—and must—be freed.

The excuse of needing the slaves to do certain jobs is simple nonsense. When slavery in the south was abolished, the country adapted, thanks to good old-fashioned American ingenuity.

We must follow the high ground taken by those in our history who fought to free the blacks, and we must free the illegal immigrants of today.

We will adapt again and eliminate the need for a modern slave trade.

Keep Loving!

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